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The Heart of Gold’s Improbability Drive made it the most powerful and unpredictable ship in existence. There was nothing it couldn’t do, provided you knew exactly how improbable it was that the thing you wanted it to do would ever happen… ’The daaaaay is beauuuuutiful!’…


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Summer reading lists: everyone’s got ’em. But what makes an ideal summer read? It sort of depends on who you are and what you’re doing, but here are a few suggestions: something light, something funny, something sun-drenched and atmospheric, something to travel with, something that will hold your attention no matter…


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happy May the 4th! — nemowilliams.


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Since I’ve been snowed in for a few days (hello from Oregon, hello cabin fever), I’ll actually be posting stuff — yes, real, actual writing — instead of the usual nonsense I’ve been posted to, uh, relaunch this really small, really dumb blog. Anywho: DragonBaby. Happy Friday. — syd williams.


*drops glass* — syd williams.


SHARK CLOUD! — syd williams


THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES (2016), PT. 69,420: Donald Trump’s Doctor, i.e. Dr. Harold Bornstein. We are all going to die. Buy canned goods and bottled waters and whatever. Good luck. — syd williams.